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Monday, 19/10/2015, 10:50 GMT+7



  • Minimum area: 3,000 m2 for warehouse, 5000 m2 for land
  • Warehouses are including optional offices which are designed and built as per investors’ demand.
  • Rental rate: USD 2.5/m2/month. Management fee: USD 0.025/m2/month
  • Rental time/Deposit/Factory size: negotiable.

Factory building time: factory models are currently available in Tan Do I.P., all can be used immediately. In case the investors have special demands which differ from the current sampled factories, time for building a new factory is from 2 – 6 months. 

Standard technical features of the factories:

  • Steel truss frame. The height of column 7 - 8m.
  • Factory frame: by built-up section with two layers of anti-rust paint and two finishing layers.
  • Floor: concrete floor, force bearing 2T/ m2.Backfilling sand 65cm, stone layer 0x4 thick (compacted K98) 20 cm thick, a nylon layer on the ground, welded steel 8mm- A200, stone concrete 1x2 M250, 15cm thick with flat surface and split resistance joint
  • Wall: concrete foot wall, brick wall, the higher part is covered by tole.
  • Roof: insulating PU tole + translucent tole
  • Motorized roll door, windows with iron frames + toughened glass
  • Toilet: average quality sanitary equipment.
  • Fire prevention and fighting system: fire fighting and prevention system is placed on the wall 1.2m high inside the factory; water tank for fire fighting and prevention is located in the factory yard with capacity of 120 m3 using sensor pumping.
  • The internal road 4.5 – 5m wide is constructed in one side of the main gate to ensure loading capacity of 40 feet container.
  • Main gate is minimum 4m wide; 06 emergency gates with 2m wide and two toilets.
  • Factory aperture: 35m → 45 m
  • Reinforced concrete piles constructed by piling method.
  • Major load bearing system: monolithic reinforced concrete foundation and grade beam beneath and shaped steel truss on the top.
  • Factory walls: the height from factory floor slab to ridge vent is 12m, to column shoulder is 8m including: brick wall 20cm thick and 4m high; and wall steel is interleaving with translucent roofing.
  • Roof: PPGI/PPGL roofed on the top of purlin frame with insulated 02- faced aluminum layer 0.45mm thick installed under the tole roof of the workshop. Steel purlin system supports tole roof, walls and ridge vent.
  • Ridge vent is installed alongside with the factory’s roof.

Written : annp