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General Information

Tan Do Industrial park is a standardized one, including land slots with various land size, providing the enterprises more convenience in selecting the most appropriate land scheme according to their manufacturing demand. The Industrial park includes following functional areas:


Factory and warehouse area: total area for building factories and warehouses is 162.927 ha divided into 9 sections; each land slot is from 0.5 ha and bigger.

Building density ≥55% (depending on the business industry, the building height and area of the land slot, building density will be indentified when submitting for construction approval)

Green space in each factory must be at least 20% of total area of the land slot;

Technical Area: is planned for building main spot or hub of technical works in the Industrial Park with the area of 2.0928 ha, includes:

 + Fresh water supply plant
 + Wastewater treatment plant, fire protection and prevention
 + Transshipment landfill
- Building density: 30%; building height: 1 floor, backward space: 15m.

The administrative work and service zone
- The administrative work and service zone is located in the Northeast of the I.P, alongside with An Ha Cannel.
- Total area: 2.22494 ha
- Building density: 40%
- Building height: 05 floors, backward space: 10m

Internal Traffic: Tan Do Industrial Park use a large amount of land for internal traffic system with the total length of 30 km.
- Main roads: to the Industrial Park, main gate:
 + Road No. 1: double sided concrete 7x2m road, side road is 8m wide, separated lines of 2m and 4m, sidewalks 2x2m, trees along the route with 5x2m wide, total road width distance is 42m. Total length is 1,160m, from TL825 highway to the Industrial Park.

 + Road No.7: cross section 8mx2, separated line 2m, sidewalks 2x2m, trees along the route with 5x2m in width, total road width distance is 30m. Total length:  1,295 m.

 + Road No.5: cross section of intersection road is 11x2m in width, separate tree line is 2m in width, sidewalks of intersecton road is 4.5x2m in width, , total road width distance is 33m. Total length:  2.070 m
- Side roads: cross section from 16÷20m, green trees on the sides. Side roads have their branches alternated creating a closed traffic system, which is very convenient for transportation inside the Industrial Park as well as connecting to the outside.